Project List

34.5 kV Primary Service & Distribution System

Upgraded 12.5kv, 10MVA service to 35kV, 30 MVA service

  Regulated 35kV power sent through dedicated regulators to three

  10MVA transformers, providing 12.5 kV power throughout the site

  System is designed for 20 MVA with N+1 redundancy


1250 kW Standby Power System 

Closed transition switching/paralleling control system


Standby Power System with Two 750kW Gensets

Multi-phase electrical system upgrade for 90,000SF Data Center


Design/Build of generator, UPS’s, including distribution, closed

  transition switching/paralleling control system




“I was very impressed with Holtaway in general and their knowledge of the subject areas and ability to identify problems, etc.


Their analysis of our facility and operating requirements clearly demonstrated the complexity of our problem and I was glad to have this meeting. I know it will benefit other J&J locations.”


Senior Project Engineer, Global Pharmaceutical Supply Group



“This project was a model of planning and teamwork throughout all phases of the work.  Engineering design, construction, shutdown coordination, training and commissioning of the equipment were all carried out with such efficiency and lack of disruption so as to seem almost transparent to the occupants of the buildings and the ongoing experimental work.


It could not have been accomplished without the contribution of

people like you.”                                                                                   

Manager, Facilities Development, sanofi-aventis


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