Power Systems
Power System Studies Specialty Services

Power System Studies are important for the performance of your electrical system.

During periods of change or when your system needs reconfiguring, we can help minimize the risk of failure by reviewing the protection coordination of your power system. Our studies help optimize performance stability and reliability and decrease outages.

- Arc Flash Analysis   - Short Circuit Study
- Load Flow Analysis  - Coordination Study
        - UPS/Generator Load Testing

Our engineers will provide you with expert assistance drawing upon their extensive field experience to help you reduce costs and improve functionality.

- Commissioning           - Forensic Engineering
- System Start-up         - Equipment Upgrades
- Acceptance Testing   - Critical Load Upgrades
- PCB Analysis             - Dissolved Gas Analysis
                    - Insulating Screen Test

Field Testing Emergency Service

Your business depends on electrical power to run profitably day in and day out. To prevent equipment failures, resulting in lost production, equipment damage and staff exposure to hazards, schedule regular maintenance tests on your electrical system.


Be safe and find hidden problems before they happen


- Protective Relays   - Infrared Termoscanning

- Load Testing          - Circuit Breakers

- UPS Systems          - Transformers

- Generators             - Waveform Capture

Power interruptions can threaten the critical operations of your business, resulting in costly downtime and damaged equipment.


We provide round the clock emergency service on a contract or emergency basis.  Our experienced staff can assess your problem and recommend the proper solution to get you back up and running.


Help is just a phone call away.


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